Woman ,You Should Matre !

Woman,You should know !

Terutama Wanita yang memang “have money” aka R I C H , supaya ga babak belur , Uang habis cinta hilang… He3 .


As Woman you should matre ! Why ? Even as personal you so independent, and say  “I’m not looking for money if I have boy friend or Husband”. I just looking for they heart ,because I have money . Please dont tell that. Because most of woman thinking  with they heart not they brain with logic ,EVEN YOU SO INDEPENDENT . Man thinking with brain not heart . So even when he so in love with woman . He still thinking logic . Different with woman . Even in begining She said se will not alloy man used her money .. even you more much money than him . NO .. You wil cheat with your promise ..because when hati kamu sudah kesentuh kata “Love” , you cant consisten with your first mission. You not only give your heart and soul, you will give your all money until your broke .. you more used your heart than your brain,because love.Then what happen? .. You loss everything . You life ,  your self  & your money … so be materialistis as woman Zaman Now … YOU SHOULD !




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